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3MP Atlanta’s proven systems for achieving results are trained in such a way so that even the newest member of staff can perform above industry standards within two weeks.


Our people receive world-class training from the leaders of the industry. We hire top talent and train them to be the best.


The team environment at 3MP Atlanta attracts some of the most talented and ambitious individuals in the city

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3MP Atlanta is the perfect solution to your customer management and growth needs.

Our training is broken down into easy-to-follow steps so even the most novice staff members can excel.

All of our staff gets individualized, coaching from the executive team. Individuals increase their leadership abilities and general competency through this process.

No seniority makes for an even playing field. The only person getting promoted next is the person with the best results.

An individual is only limited by their belief system and their work ethic. There is upward mobility in our company for generations to come.

Our staff regularly attends networking events and conferences to hone their skills and meet like-minded people.


The Boss

Michael Palomba

The son of a US auto worker, Michael was born and raised just north of New York City. His family relocated to Kansas City in 1996 and Michael earned his Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Kansas in 2002.

Michael first got into the direct marketing industry in Kansas City, and advanced from a business-to-business sales representative position to a point where he had the opportunity to manage the East Tennessee market for the Southeast’s leading telecommunications provider. His experience there led him to Atlanta in 2008 where he helped launch a pilot program in our office, then to a 2.5 year stint opening 3 locations back in Kansas City.

Michael returned to Atlanta after spending the last 3 years launching offices in the South Florida market. Since his return to the Atlanta area, he has brought unprecedented growth for himself and the 3MP Atlanta team.

The Influencer

Megan Hammer

Megan is an Oklahoma native raised in Kansas City. She studied International Business at the University of Missouri. Megan had the opportunity to study abroad, which she took advantage of, and lived in Alicante, Spain briefly.

Megan initially started her career in Kansas City, looking for the opportunity to travel for work and ability to move into management quickly. Through her great work ethic and student mentality, she was able to develop a top performing team. After her promotion to management, Megan opened Branch offices in Cincinnati and Ft. Lauderdale.

Megan joins the 3MP Atlanta team in order to aid in our clients immense need to expand and brings her experience and leadership ability to exceed clients needs.

The Machine

Katie Frederick

Katie is originally from West Chester, Pennsylvania – a suburb of Philadelphia. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology in 2003 from Arizona State University and a Masters of Arts degree in Liberal Studies with a focus in Environmental and Native Studies in 2006 from the University of Maine.

Katie has been a great team player in developing new client and customer relationships in various offices throughout the United States. She has further contributed a great deal to the development of the organization in our Human Resources department. Fun Fact: Katie loves to travel and has visited over thirteen countries. She also is a huge Eagles fan!

The Bootcamp Instructor

Rosie Statham

Rosie is a Southeastern Oklahoma native. She attended the University of Central Oklahoma, gaining a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. Rosie is a huge Thunder fan. (#OKC #GoThunder)

Rosie began her career in Oklahoma City helping aid the client with new prospects. She soon learned that helping people gain better opportunities was her passion which lead her into the Recruiting role.
Since joining the team in Atlanta, Rosie has been able to help the team meet client obligations and expand our account management team.

The Hostess With The Mostess

yanin Salgado

Yanin is originally from Guerrero, Mexico. At the age of seven her family decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia and make it a home. Within four months she was fluent in both English and Spanish. As a child she says she knew that English was a language that she enjoyed speaking and that made it easy for her to learn it. In school she always strived to make good grades and be the leader of the clubs and organizations. She was a member of Future Business Leaders of America and there discovered she had a passion for business.

She’s always enjoyed building relationships, networking and watching people hit their goals. Her career with the company started out as a Junior Executive and was promoted into the Corporate Trainer position shortly after. Following her hard work and success as a Corporate Trainer, she was promoted to be part of the management team as Director of Human Resources. Yanin’s short and long term goals include providing opportunity for those within the organization to record sizes within the shortest amount of time. Her motivation and passion is family. She sees the business as being part of a growing family where you help and support one another to do better.

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