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3MP Atlanta’s proven sales systems are designed in such a way that even the newest member of the staff can perform at a high level within two weeks.  We want our people to make a ton of money.  Everyone wins.  Keeping it simple with our system and teaching the fundamentals of sales allows anyone with a strong work ethic and great attitude to crush it.


Our people receive world-class training from the leaders of the industry. Our people get hands-on mentorship and coaching from people who have actually done the job, and done it better than everyone else.  Our people have access to cutting-edge AI training and on-demand training that separates their experience from any other. 

We hire top talent and train them to be the best.


Better life.  Better business.  You can be serious about your goals, but don’t always need to be serious while you’re hitting them

The company

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3MP Atlanta is the perfect solution to your customer management and growth needs.

Our training is broken down into easy-to-follow steps so even the most novice staff members can excel.  We are the on the cutting edge of incorporating AI into our training and coaching, and have had ridiculous success.  102% production increase (more money on people’s paychecks!) in the first month.

All of our staff gets individualized, coaching from the executive team. Individuals increase their leadership abilities and general competency through this process.  Decades of experience, good, bad, and ugly, at our fingertips.

No seniority makes for an even playing field. The only person getting promoted next is the person with the best results.  Bring it.

An individual is only limited by their belief system, goals, and their work ethic. There is upward mobility in our company for generations to come.

Our staff regularly attends networking events and conferences to hone their skills and meet like-minded people.  Sometimes a change is better than a break.


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