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Our training is broken down into easy-to-follow steps so even the most novice staff members can excel.


No seniority makes for an even playing field. The only person getting promoted next is the person with the best results.


We are a like-minded group of professionals relentlessly building our business. Our team has a work hard, play hard, mentality. There are frequent office outings and community outreach opportunities.


All of our staff gets individualized, coaching from the executive team. Individuals increase their leadership abilities and general competency through this process.


An individual is only limited by their belief system and their work ethic. There is upward mobility in our company for generations to come.


Our staff regularly attends networking events and conferences to hone their skills and meet like-minded people.

At 3MP Atlanta, we believe that people are most successful when they are well matched to their jobs. A good fit between the person and the job ensures that our people will enjoy and be successful at what they do – a benefit both to the company and the individual. The selection process for our team represents a partnership between you and us to make the best decision for all concerned.


3MP Atlanta provides sales and marketing outsourcing services for telecommunication companies nation-wide. Our clients contract with us to increase their market share using our proven direct sales approach. We effectively reach and influence our clients’ target market through focused, in-person sales and marketing campaigns. Our sales presentation is face-to-face, allowing us to personally demonstrate the benefits of our clients’ services.


We create a culture of opportunity within a team-oriented, positive, and nurturing environment – making 3MP Atlanta a win-win situation for clients and employees alike. Our team members are high energy, team-oriented competitors who enjoy the satisfaction of learning and overcoming challenges every day. Individual achievement is valued and rewarded, but we compete as a team – supporting and applauding the success of our teammates. Mentoring and coaching is a big part of our culture too. Every day, through formal training and informal coaching, we help one another learn and succeed. We work hard, but we always have fun.


Our business is growing rapidly with increasing demand for our services from our clients. We are looking to expand into 4 additional U.S. markets in the next year. To meet this demand, our office is hiring entry-level marketing representatives who will have the opportunity to quickly advance into a management position. Along the way, marketing representatives benefit from an intensive training program in all aspects of business management, sales and marketing ,and team leadership. The goal is to prepare successful candidates in 12 to 18 months to manage the operations of an independent business office, overseeing a team of 15+ employees and a marketing campaign for a telecommunications client.


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