Edward Cunliffe

The Wild Card

With a background in teaching golf after graduating from Berry College in 1999, Ed Cunliffe is not what you expect in a Business Management Expert. But that’s exactly why Ed is so good at what he does, he’s always bringing the unexpected to the table.


Ed became involved in the face-to-face sales industry in 2001, starting as an entry-level sales representative in Atlanta, Ga. After learning the business “hands-on” he opened his own business (Veritas) in Denver, Co. at the beginning of 2002. With his company, he’s developed a career that’s allowed him to consult with other clients & brands on furthering their campaigns and has joined 3MP Atlanta to bring his expertise to business development with a new business-to-business client.
He is loved by anyone he works with for his down-to-earth personality: “Ed Cunliffe is a true motivation. He has never had to break down the wall between lower-level employees and executive CEO because he never created one. You trust him because he trusts you.”

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